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Generative AI: the peculiarities of deep nude photo generators

The popularity of artificial intelligence in 2023 is high because it can generate various content, including images. Neural networks that generate deep fakes based on given descriptions have also appeared. Because of this, the network is flooded with naked girls created by undress AI technology. Here is more about it. 

The background of generative AI and neural networks

Artificial intelligence can do many things: a neural network writes music and creates texts, pictures, videos, and more. AI that can produce new content is called generative. The neural network embodies creative ideas using the input training data’s received instructions, patterns and structures. This type of system is not intended to analyse and classify information but to create something new and original. Generative AI approaches a task with creativity and enthusiasm. It is part of the vast field of artificial intelligence. This seemingly new technology has been around for decades. And in recent years, it has begun to be used most actively.

How does it work? 

At the moment, many AI programs have been created that can generate erotic content. This modern nude art movement has created serious competition for the porn industry. Existing graphical neural networks allow you to undress a girl and get a photo with good detail. For the highest quality results, it is advisable to use photographs depicting girls in a swimsuit or with a minimum amount of clothing. Neural networks with DeepNude technology appeared in 2019, and undressed models were mediocre. Unlike them, modern neurons like ddng can undress girls in photos so that the result will not differ at all from real nudes. So, generative AI can become a creative assistant in creating unique content. The neural network will create something new, unknown, unusual and exciting based on user tips.

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